“Can forgive Salman for killing people as long as he fulfils my entertainment quota,” Bhai fans admit

Pratul Bagri, July 17, 2015

Salman Khan fans of the #BhaiRoxx fame have admitted that they can look over the superstar for allegedly killing a man and maiming four while driving drunk – as long as bhai meets their amusement needs.

Celebrating Eid by watching Bajrangi Bhaijaan, starring a criminal who used his influence to strong-arm his driver and evade the justice system, bhai fans have admitted that they just love such ostentatious display of money and power.

“I don’t know the man bhai killed, he bears no relation to me and provides no value in my life, but, I do know Salman,” said Ahmed, a hardcore fan.

“Salman enriches my life by providing me with low brow movies,” he said further. “His womanizer charms and alcoholic character is very endearing to me. Frankly, to me, his charisma is greater than his heinous crimes. He can drive over innocent people, evade the justice system and force his lowly servant – his driver – to take the fall, as long as he provides me with two hours of amusement every other week.”

Celebrities should not pay for their crimes.

Shruti, a bhai fangirl, simply does not understand the logic behind punishing celebrities for their crimes.

“Why does the Constitution want celebrities to pay for their acts like normal people do?” she wondered. “They provide value to such a large audience and frankly their talent will be wasted behind the bars. What good are they there?”

Her friend Rahul chipped in: “Let’s say, celebrities should be given leeway for 10 unintentional killings and five culpable homicides with intention to kill – after that they can be tried. I don’t think they need to be tried for the small ones like illegal use of arms and poaching. Is it the stupid Black Buck that provides me with such amazing movies? No, it’s Salman.”

Salman fans all over the world have flocked in masses to watch Bajrangi Bhaijaan to help fill up his coffers.

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