Nakula, Sahadeva not as cool as other Pandavas, people admit

Pratul Bagri, August 14, 2015

Accepting the harsh reality, people all over India have finally admitted that Nakula and Sahadeva are just not as cool as their other brothers from a different mother.

Saying much could have been done with their characters, many have admitted that the youngest brothers were not given any justice and were overshadowed by the Kunti putras.

“I thought that the TV adaptation might rectify some glaring problems with the book,” said Karan Dibakar, a Mahabharata fan. “But unfortunately, no depth was given to Nakula and Sahadeva. People should realize that they are just as awesome and strong as the others, well, not stronger than Arjuna obviously. But still, they have been reduced to two-dimensional characters.”

“All I know about Nakul is that he was the most beautiful man,” said Swati Ranjan. “That’s it. Where is the depth? He has been reduced to just a pretty face, an eye candy.”

A television production house told us that in the light of this survey, Nakula and Sahadeva will be getting their own spin-off Mahabharata series.

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