Ganesh ji upset on finding that Narendra Modi has more bhakts than him

Pratul Bagri, September 17, 2015

The deva of intellect and wisdom was quite furious upon finding that a mere mortal was just as much celebrated as him, if not more.

In an unfortunate coincidence for Lord Ganesha, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had his birthday on Ganesh Chaturthi this year. This has greatly reduced the fawning over the Ganpati, and the attention that was purely reserved for him has been split with Modi.

Hoping the day in his honour would be an awesome and pompous affair, Mr. Ganesh, one of the lords of the Hindu pantheon, was quite shocked to find that a mere mortal was cutting down his popularity bank and dividing his laddoos.

To confront the lord, we reached Mount Kailash but the deva simply refused to entertain any mediaperson.

“Oh no, not you people!” exclaimed the almighty. “You will twist anything I say, off you go.”

Our credible source, Narada Muni, has confirmed that the lord was also quite upset at people for addressing Mr. Modi as NaMo.

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