Man takes it upon himself to correct stranger’s grammar on the internet

Pratul Bagri, January 3, 2016

Ramesh Tandon, lovingly known as “that annoying little prick” among his friends and enemies alike, has taken it upon himself to correct other people’s grammar on the internet.

Tandon, whose Goodreads bio describes him as “sapiosexual wanderer” and “voracious reader”, is finding solace in giving unsolicited grammar advice to internet users.

A chartered accountant by profession and a huge disappointment by nature, Tandon says this indulgence is a mental exercise to keep his brain sharp by causing damage to other people’s brains. “It’s all relative you see,” says that annoying little prick.

On being asked why he has restrained this behaviour to the virtual world only, Tandon says that in the real world, his “enlightenment” was met with some comments about his mother and sister, and an occasional ass-whopping.

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