Awards and Honours for NTMN

Winner (e-news and -media), 8th Annual Manthan South Asia Awards
New Delhi, December 2011
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“The Jury appreciated that the website NTMN is unique and it has taken news satire beyond fake news. It was also noted that the website has also created value by providing a popular writing platform for the youth in India and also providing an internship program that features dedicated training in writing and editing, on an individual basis. The Jury observed that the NTMN is a unique work by students and therefore the student readers are able to identify and connect very easily.”

Runner-up (Pursue Truth category), World Summit Youth Award 2012
Montréal, Canada, October 2012

“[…] Operating since November 2009, NTMN is one of the oldest of all such popular websites in India, which is still very active. NTMN attempts to use sarcastic humour, dark satire and critical observations, to target media, politics, life and society. It was the winner of the prestigious 8th Annual Manthan South Asia Awards for best e-content practices (category: e-news and media) in December 2011. The jury appreciated NTMN’s social value as a writing venture and its value as a youth platform.”

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