NTMN in the Media

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  • New Delhi, Jan 8, 2017, “Fake Alert” and “Satire has space but no money” by Sangeeth Sebastian. (EPAPER page 22 | EPAPER page 23)


  • Mumbai, Dec 28, 2013, “Viral Fever” by Pankti Mehta. (EPAPER)

The Hindu

  • Metro Plus, Aug 21, 2013, “Not just for laughs” by Uthra Nagarajan. (WEB)

Economic Times

Times of India

  • New Delhi, Dec 28, 2012, “Political gaffes provide fertile fodder to spoof-bloggers” by Jayanta Deka. (WEB | EPAPER)
  • Times Life!, Jun 3, 2012, “Scared by a spoof? You’ve got to be kidding me!” by Dhamini Ratnam. (WEB | EPAPER)
  • Dec 18, 2011, “Web of True Lies” by Sharmila Ganesan-Ram. (WEB | EPAPER)
  • Mumbai, Jul 17, 2011, “Faux News” by Mahafreed Irani. (VIEW)

Business Standard

  • New Delhi, Feb 4, 2012, “A Spoof Story” by Priyanka Sharma. (WEB | EPAPER)