Sachin Tendulkar to donate half of his runs to lesser batsmen and charity

Tanay Sukumar, December 20, 2010

Indian batting star Sachin Tendulkar has announced that he would soon be giving away (“donating”) half of his runs to lesser batsmen and to charity. Tendulkar made the decision after reaching his 50th Test century.

Tendulkar said he was donating his runs because a lot of energy was spent in hundreds of television debates and marketplace discussions over who is the greatest batsman in the world.

“Most people who discuss the greatest batsman ever, have no idea of cricket at all, so they have only statistics and primary-level math at their defence,” the Little Master told reporters. “If I have fewer runs to my name, I would no longer be considered ‘great’ by them, so no discussions. Some runs will also go to charity, since there are fans to whom my runs matter more than a good state of life. It would be great to see how they use my runs to improve their lives.”

Sachin, being the God of cricket, is confident he will be able to manage the transfer of runs from his account to the accounts of other cricketers.

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