The NTMN Archive Site is organised into several volumes.

First, we handpicked the best, timeless stories for you, and organised them in three volumes (“Best of NTMN”). By “timeless”, we mean the stories that are relevant any day as they were not based on any contemporary events. They cover satire on human quirks, youth, gender, popular culture, and society, among others. We edited these selected stories afresh in 2018:

Volume #1 (296 KB), Volume #2 (633 KB), Volume #3 (459 KB) (All these stories continue to have their individual pages on the website.)

Next, we have the best stories that were written in a particular political or news context (“Staff Picks”). They may not be relevant today, but you can still enjoy reading them for a flashback! Based in the period 2009-2015, most had references to the then Congress-led government in India, or news events of the time.

Staff Picks Part #1 (1.72 MB), Part #2 (1.77 MB)

Other articles that were published on NTMN are no longer listed on the archives. If you had ever written for us, and wish to access any of your works, please write to us at newsthatmattersnot (at) gmail (dot) com. 


BEST OF NTMN – Volume #1

Human Quirks

Men and Women


BEST OF NTMN – Volume #2

Civic Issues

Education/College Life

Poor and Rich

Sexual Violence

BEST OF NTMN – Volume #3

College Life

Love and Dating


Popular Culture