Media outrage over Modi to be used to harness electricity for Gujarat

Pratul Bagri, September 2, 2015

In a brilliant move, the government has decided to use the everyday media outrage over the Prime Minister in a constructive manner.

The government is looking into the technology to harness media outrage and provide electricity to Gujarat.

Another step in the Gujarat model

Narendra Modi has hailed this as an important step in the Gujarat model. The Prime Minister’s Office has been very jubilant about this scheme, with an official saying: “Finally, the daily parroting of ‘2002 riots’ can be put to some constructive use. Our mainstream media just destroys every discourse and does not contribute in any way. Now, we can use the ‘Arnab energy’ for urban development.”

The government has approached Elon Musk for collaboration on this project. “Mr. Musk will collaborate with our Vedic knowledge of Mantra and Japa to harness this media outrage,” the official said.

Mr. Modi said that although the media is a good source of entertainment for him, he would rather have them supply electricity to Gujarat than propagating false information.

The Prime Minister was also seen laughing heartily at Twitter keyboard warriors telling him how to run a country.

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