14-year-old girls can go for night outs if they aren’t my daughter, confirms open-minded dad

Pratul Bagri, September 19, 2015

Sahil Tripathi, an open-minded dad who identifies himself as “liberal” and “modern”, has strongly condemned statements by a politician against night-time freedom for girls.

“These views are the type of regressive and patriarchal mentality we can only expect from our politicians,” Tripathi said. “We live in a modern society, so of course 14-year-old girls who are not my daughter should be allowed night-outs.”

He continued: “India has come a long way from being a male-dominant society. Women here have equal rights now, we have modern values. I say that every teenage girl who I do not know and is in no way related to me should go for a night-out to protest such statements.”

When asked how safe night-time endeavours are, Tripathi said there is plenty of security at night for women who do not have any kind of relationship with him.

“Parents should not worry about the dangers of nightlife. They should trust that a 14-year-old girl has the capacity to make wise decisions. I therefore urge every parent who is not me to send their daughters out at night.”

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